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Heads Up
After battling through a huge field, you are heads up in a major multi table tournament. You should allow youself a moment of congratulation.

But now focus again! You need to secure first place. 

When you are heads up there is only one possible mistake that is really devastating: playing too tight. At a full table with nine players the average person will win about 11 per cent of the hands. Heads up the average player will win 50 per cent.

In order to do so you have to play way more than 50 per cent of your hands. 

A player that plays far fewer hands than that is doomed to almost certain defeat. Play a lot of hands and play them very aggressively after the flop if you hit anything at all. Here are some examples:


Recap: Keys to final table play

  • Observe your opponents closely. You will have more time to do so than in earlier parts of the tournament.
  • Find "weak" players who are afraid to risk their chips. Put a lot of pressure on them.
  • Don't get bullied around by the big stacks. Play fewer hands against them and if you play, try to force decisions on them by moving all in a lot.
  • Play more and more hands when the table gets short-handed.
  • Be super loose and aggressive heads-up.

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