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Rules of Participation for Live Training

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  1. Influencing the PokerStars tables.

    During an ongoing session it is strictly forbidden to influence the (transmitted) tables. According to the rules of the poker room "PokerStars" this is considered "fraudulent behaviour". 

    When using the chat function provided by the service, users are categorically prohibited from making utterances that advertise third-party services or a product offered by a party other than PokerStars School and PokerStars. Furthermore, users must not make any statements about PokerStars School and PokerStars or about the service that are untrue or could legitimately be considered libellous or critical.

  2. Collusion.

    Collusion between users by telling each other their cards or by any other means is strictly prohibited. Besides further measures, PokerStars School and PokerStars reserve the right to limit the places for participants and/or exclude users from trainings sessions or certain poker tables or tournaments. PokerStars School and PokerStars also reserve the right to consider any collusion between players (including users) as a serious breach of this agreement and PokerStars School and PokerStars thus have the right to block a user account if a user undertakes such actions or attempts to undertake such an action - independent of the result of such an attempt.

  3. Offensive language or content.

    Users are prohibited from using the service's chat function to publish unlawful, obscene, defamatory, denigrating and threatening content or other content that violates a law or is generally considered insulting.

  4. Spam and undesirable content.

    The use of the chat function must be limited to questions of content. If a user asks a question or makes a comment that is not the topic of the training session, it is up to the trainer whether to issue a warning. If the user continues to behave in this way, this may lead to him being excluded from the session and ultimately to a closing of the account at PokerStars School.

  5. House rules.

    Trainers and moderators reserve the right to warn users or to block or delete a user's account if he violates the rules detailed herein.

  6. Miscellaneous.

    Anything not dealt with in these rules will be dealt with and decided on individually by the moderators/the administrator depending on the situation.

  7. Rules changes.

    PokerStars reserves the right to expand these rules and add to them if necessary. If a member does not agree with the rules, they have the opportunity to appeal in writing within 14 days. The account of the member in question will then be deleted.

  8. Liability notice.

    PokerStars accepts no responsibility for any losses (e.g. of information) or damages resulting from the content and information provided. This includes consequential damages and third-party claims. It is the responsibility of the user to check the content provided during a training session. Use of the service is at the user's own risk and responsibility.

  9. Severability clause.

    If individual regulations of these conditions of use of PokerStars are invalid either wholly or in part or will become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remainder of the user contract. The invalid regulation shall be replaced by a valid regulation. The same applies should the Live-Poker-Training rules contain any loopholes.

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