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Rules for Blog Comments

The role of comments at PokerStars School is to allow for feedback, shared views and ideas, and to add information that relates to the content of the article or blog post. This feature aims to provide an opportunity for authors, readers, editorial team and all stakeholders to freely discuss the information provided. It also intends to create an open community where no one has the final word -- garbage can be classified as such, what is wrong can be corrected, and authors can be congratulated if they have done a good job, etc.  See also Rules for Blogging.

Review of Rules:

No spam, please!

  • Writing "great article" 100 times is considered spam. Overall, we expect that a comment has some relationship with the contents of the article.
  • It is prohibited to include any type of advertising in the comments. Links are welcome if they serve to supplement the information in the article.
  • Of course, insults, slurs and racist or sexist attitudes are not allowed.

Technical Restrictions

At present we have the following technical restrictions:

  • Maximum of two comments from the same member for any one article.
  • The minimum length of a comment is 25 characters.
  • After submitting a comment, you must wait for at least one minute to submit your next comment.
  • There cannot be two identical comments in one article.
  • A single member cannot submit two identical comments on different items.

These restrictions are necessary to avoid inconvenience to all members due to excessive spam.

What can happen?

  • The member's comments will be deleted, and, if applicable, any earned points removed.
  • The member's comments feature is disabled.
  • The member will be banned from PokerStars School.
  • The member will be banned from PokerStars.
  • (Any combination of above)

The penalties are determined by:

  • Reports from other members.
  • Control of the comments by the author and supported by PokerStars School.

In the interest of fair living and an attractive user community, please bear in mind the above rules. Although we prefer to be understanding and tolerant, we have concluded that when a user is abusing the comments feature, it is necessary for us to take appropriate action.

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