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PokerStars School India Forum Rules

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  • PokerStars School India Forum Rules

    PokerStars School India Forum Rules

    The forum is part of the website of PokerStarsSchool.IN. The forum is designed as a platform for the debate of poker-related topics. The discussions should take place in a constructive and friendly manner, even if occasionally the arguments may be rather heated.

    Below we will list a number of rules for the forum which must be observed by members and guests.

    Use the forum’s search function:
    Many problems and issues have already been dealt with and solved in the forum. In many cases, using the search function will help you faster than waiting for an answer.

    Select a suitable heading for your posts:
    Try to describe the type of problem in the subject line and avoid subjects such as “Help!” etc. As a rule, such posts will be read and replied to less often. The PokerStars School India team reserves the right to change headings if necessary.

    No duplicate posts:
    Duplicate posts will be deleted and only cause the moderators unnecessary work. If, when creating a thread, the wrong forum was selected, the moderators will move it to the right forum.You may post several consecutive entries in the blogs without having to merge them. This is an exception!

    Editing Post
    You may edit your post up to 1 day from the time posted (1440 minutes). After that, all posts will no longer be able to be edited.

    Reply to answers:
    It is courteous to give feedback in a forum. It goes without saying that you should post a reply when a problem has been solved.

    Warning members:
    In the case of violations of the conditions of use, members may be warned and, in serious cases, banned from the forum.

    Reasons for issuing a warning include:

    • Members will be issued with a warning if they draw attention to their own commercial tournaments - either live or online!
    • Members who insult other members or employees of PokerStars School India and PokerStars or who are not constructive in their statements and opinions.
    • Members who imply by there posts and comments that the PokerStars random number generator is in anyway 'rigged' or other wise flawed.
    • Members who post about previous bans or infractions in the public forum. Should any member have a query about a previous ban they should private message PokerStars School India Admin.
    • SPAM (unwanted posts whose content is not relevant and without a real subject matter)
    • Abuse of the report function, for instance in order to reach Support more quickly.
    • Several duplicate posts - there is an edit function in the forum for this
    • Anyone impersonating an PokerStars School India team members or moderator will receive a warning!

    Warnings will be issued by the moderators once they have personally assessed the situation. Anyone unhappy about a warning should private message the moderator in question and talk about it in a friendly manner and by providing support for the appeal. Warnings will only be retracted in justified exceptional cases.

    Banning a member:
    Members may be banned from the forum if despite several warnings they continue to violate forum rules. Members may be banned temporarily or permanently. In particularly serious cases there may also be consequences for their PokerStars account.
    • Members who cause trouble and/or provoke others will be banned.
    • Members who harass other members via PM.
    • Members who repeatedly use unsuitable language
    • A temporary ban is the same as a warning.
    • Banned users many not set up a new account as this means they have a duplicate account, which violates PokerStars policy.

    Content of contributions: reserves the right to delete, move or edit posts that do not conform to forum rules. This will be done without notifying the author in advance.The following content is not permitted or undesired:
    • Posts whose content is extremely political or religious in nature
    • Content that is criminal in nature, pornographic, harmful to young people, insulting or defamatory
    • Warez or third-party copyright-protected content
    • Email addresses
    • Song lyrics
    • Personal details such as telephone numbers, addresses etc. (please use PM system to exchange such information)
    • Otherwise unacceptable posts that have not been listed here but are against the law, are an affront to common decency, violate moral norms or violate forum rules.
    • Advertising
    • Full quotes
    • Begging posts
    • Tournament passwords. (links to the relevant thread in our password forum are allowed.)

    Images, graphics and attachments:
    When using graphics and attachments, copyright must be observed. If in doubt, post a link to the graphic or file. You may not, under any circumstances, do any direct linking of images or files from external servers (traffic theft), i.e. direct links to a photo or using a photo as a hotlink. This is only allowed if the server or web space is the user’s own or of the links are from websites that allow these (clicksmilies, imageshack or other image hosting services).

    Signatures are available to all members and can be used in any way whatsoever as long as the forum rules and the specifications for signatures are not violated. The signature may not be longer than three lines and 200 characters.
    • Links to private blogs are only permitted with back link and upon prior consultation with the PokerStars School India team.
    • Hyperlinks to ref sites are not permitted.
    • Images in the signature and banners are not permitted.
    • No details such as telephone or fax numbers
    • No email addresses

    Private messages (PM):
    The "Private message" (PM) function is available to all forum members. It is designed to exchange non-public information. If this function is abused, it will be blocked and, in serious cases, the user will be excluded from the forum. Passing on a PM to a moderator or forum administrator for the purposes of pointing out a breach of PM rules constitutes an exception to the rules.
    • PMs must not be made accessible to third parties.
    • PMs, or extracts thereof, must not be posted in the public forum.
    • PMs must not be abused for advertising purposes.
    • PMs must not be used for illegal purposes.
    • A filtering system is in place that censors inappropriate language in the PMs. The PMs are NOT read by any staff members or moderators!

    The following types of links are not allowed:
    • links that point to competing offers, other poker sites or communities,
    • that point to illegal contents,
    • that have an attached referrer,
    • that contain theft games of any kind,
    • that violate law and order,
    • that only serve to generate profit from users’ clicking on it
    • that are otherwise unacceptable.

    • A post’s copyright remains with its author. By posting a contribution, the author grants the forum irrevocable right of use to the contribution. The forum continues to have right of use over the posts even once an account has been deleted or a user ceases to be a member. PokerStars School India reserves the right to edit or amend any post in order to conform to the forum rules. The decision of PokerStars School India will remain final in all circumstance.
    • Posts by moderators will become the property of the forum and can be utilised in any way. In particular, this also applies for when a moderator quits.
    • It is not permitted to post texts from third-party websites other than by quoting extracts.

    Moderators are appointed and dismissed by the forum’s administrator. Moderators are forum members with elevated rights. These rights are:
    • Moving, editing and deleting posts and closing topics. These actions do not have to be justified or explained to the author of the thread in question. Moderators are accountable for their decisions and actions only to the administrator.
    • Pointing out adherence to forum rules
    • Mediating heated debates (replies may sometimes take a while because moderators may have to confer with PokerStars School India and/or PokerStars)

    House rules:
    The administrator or the moderators representing him/her reserve the right to issue a warning to a user or block or delete a user’s account if rules of use are violated. The administrator exercises a virtual house right in this forum. This house right does not just apply to the nickname but also to the natural person behind the nickname.

    Given the great number of posts and members, moderators and the administrator are not always able to identify rule violations immediately. In order to prevent causing damage to the forum, the operator or the domain owner, all members are called upon to notify us about a rule violation that has not been identified by one of the moderators or the administrator. These notifications about rule violations are not to be understood as a reproof but rather as a means of self-monitoring within the forum community A post may simply be reported using the symbol that can be found at the top of each post.

    Anything that is not specifically governed by these rules will be dealt with and decided on individually for each case depending on the situation by the moderators/the administrator.

    Changes to the rules: reserves the right to expand the rules or add to them if necessary. If members do not agree with the forum rules, they have the opportunity to appeal in writing within 14 days. The account of the member in question will then be deleted.

    Liability notice: accepts no responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from the content and information provided. It is the responsibility of the user to check the content provided at

    The use of the website of is at the user’s own risk and responsibility. accepts no responsibility for any resulting damage (e.g. as a result of the use of the content, loss of information etc.) including consequential damages and third-party claims.

    Severability clause:
    If individual regulations of these conditions of use of are invalid either wholly or in part or will become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remainder of the user contract.The invalid regulation shall be replaced by a valid regulation. The same applies should the general terms and conditions of use of contain any omissions or loopholes.

    Good Luck
    PokerStars School India Staff

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