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  • + Stealing the Blinds Exploitatively
    By / 03 Feb 2019 /
    Winning a big pot is one of the sweetest feelings in the game, but sometimes such a feat is nothing more than coolering your opponent or winning a coinflip. In the long run one of the things that separates a winning player from a loser is the ability...
  • 6 Three Mental Game Pitfalls in Big Poker Events
    By / 11 Dec 2018 /
    When you step up to playing a larger tournament with a bigger buy-in than your are accustomed to there is more pressure of course, and with it, more scope for mental game problems to arise in your game. Some players like to use the word 'tilt' to describe...
  • 6 The Early Game in a Poker Tournament
    By / 28 Aug 2018 /
    As a poker player it is useful to understand exactly how to change gears and adapt to the fluid various stages of a tournament. Failure to shift into the right mode at the right time is often the downfall of many an aspiring player. In this article we...
  • 8 Transitioning from Cash to Tournament Poker
    By / 28 Aug 2018 /
    In this poker strategy article we explore some of the essential adjustments that cash players must implement before getting stuck into those big tournaments such as the upcoming WCOOP PokerStars events.
  • 4 Poker Pitfalls - Episode 6, Failing to Protect
    By / 02 Mar 2018 /
    Where do you draw the line between betting for value, betting for protection and and slowplaying? Find out the correct answer in Pete 'Carroters' Clarke's latest video in his series on common Poker Pitfalls.
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