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  • + You're Made For Poker
    By / 29 Jul 2019 /
    You're made for poker! Nawaz and PokerStars School are sure that you are and, anyway, we will provide you all the tools and knowledge that you need to start your journey in this great game! First thing you need is a PokerStars account. And just for creating...
  • 4 Learn and Win with Sharad Rao and PokerStars School
    By / 27 Jun 2019 /
    They seem to be made for each other. PokerStars India and Sharad Rao have just established a partnership to bring this game we love to more and more audiences across India, and you, School member, will also benefit from this! How are you going to benefit?...
  • + 2 'Must Slowplay' Poker Spots
    By / 28 May 2019 /
    As beginners, we are often bombarded with rules. One of the first rules we meet in our poker journey is, invariably, 'DO NOT Slowplay!' The game would be stale and unbeatable without a load of exceptions to this sort of mantra. Today, we examine some...
  • 2 Is poker gambling or a game of skill?
    By / 27 May 2019 /
    Poker is not gambling, At least it doesn't need to be. Of course, if you have no idea what you are doing and figure to be a big losing player in the game, then poker is gambling in the sense that you will usually lose and you need to get lucky to win....
  • 1 Taking Advantage of Poker Players That Limp Preflop
    By / 24 May 2019 /
    Most players are aware that limping as the first player to enter the pot is a theoretical mistake, but how exactly do we take advantage of players who choose this line preflop? Attacking is Lucrative The feeble thing about limping ranges is that they...
  • + Playing Poker Without Initiative
    By / 22 May 2019 /
    Let's face it, when we first start out in poker, it is no fun to play the role of the defender. In other words, when we call a pre-flop raise or 3-Bet and are forced to navigate post-flop waters, it can get uncomfortable fast. We call these situations...
  • + How Pros Prepare for INSCOOP
    By / 03 May 2019 /
    The India Summer Championship of Online Poker (INSCOOP) is just around the corner and will kick-off from May 13-27. There's more than ₹4,16,00,000 in guaranteed prize money during the series, including over ₹1 Crore in the Phased 'The Mammoth' Main Event!...
  • + Am I INSCOOP Ready? | Planning, Bankroll, Mindset
    By / 03 May 2019 /
    The Summer Championship of Online Poker (INSCOOP) is practically upon us with the starting date announced as May 13th 2019. Here is a checklist of things you will want to take care of to ensure that you are ready to tackle your favourite events of the...
  • + Gearing Up For INSCOOP | General Tournament Strategy
    By / 03 May 2019 /
    The Summer Championship of Online Poker (INSCOOP) kicks off on May 13th 2019 and it is likely that you will be entering much larger tournaments than usual. Therefore, it is important to learn what strategic demands the larger field size places on our...
  • + Donk Betting | What it is and when to do it.
    By / 10 Apr 2019 /
    Donk Betting is a term that is often misused or misunderstood. The term does not mean the player making the bet is a donk, or that they've done something donkey-like. In this article we are going to define what it is and talk about some situations where...
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