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  • 1 Can You Catch a Good Bluff?
    By / 10 Feb 2019 /
    PokerStars is offering up to five FREE Poker Freeroll Tournament tickets to play for a share of a combined ₹27.5 Lacs in Tournament Money and big prizes! All you have to do is to catch Nawaz Bluff and cast your vote on the PokerStars site. Head to PokerStars...
  • + Playing a Final Table
    By / 10 Jan 2019 /
    Playing at a final table is really not much different from playing at any other table, or is it? While the rules and general strategy is the same, there's now everything to play for, and the nerves will be higher. There's is a huge difference in terms...
  • + An Introduction to Multi Table Tournaments
    By / 10 Jan 2019 /
    In this video we find out what we are going to cover as we progress through the Multi-table Tournament course here at PokerStars School. What can we expect from this course and what will we learn from it? Find out in this video.
  • 1 Muskan Sethi - Position
    By / 09 Oct 2018 /
    Hello , This is a series of episodes of Team PokerStars Pro Muskan Sethi. This one talks about Position.
  • + Early Stage Preflop Strategy Part 1
    By / 10 Jan 2019 /
    In this video we begin our first MTT lesson and cover topics such as gameplan, taking risks, and limping/open-raising. Watch the video to learn more.
  • + MTT General Mindset
    By / 10 Jan 2019 /
    This video is all about the mental game of poker. How do you prepare psychologically for a tournament and what should your mindset be? Watch the video to find out more.
  • + Share T ₹5 Lacs on PokerStars Monthly MTT Leader Board
    By / 08 Feb 2019 /
    By playing the PokerStars monthly Tournament Leader Board, you will have guaranteed first-place prizes and also challenge yourself to be a better, skilled and notourious local MTT player in India! It's very simple! All you have to do is place in the top...
  • 6 Three Mental Game Pitfalls in Big Poker Events
    By / 11 Dec 2018 /
    When you step up to playing a larger tournament with a bigger buy-in than your are accustomed to there is more pressure of course, and with it, more scope for mental game problems to arise in your game. Some players like to use the word 'tilt' to describe...
  • + 10 Tips for Handling Variance
    By / 22 Feb 2019 /
    Variance is rough. The reason that the short-term luck element in poker troubles us so much is that, in real life, we are not used to such volatility. Trying to adapt to the idea of doing everything right some days and being mercilessly punished takes...
  • 1 Deep Stack Post Flop Play Part 1
    By / 10 Jan 2019 /
    In this video we talk about Deepstack post-flop play which is widely regarded as the most complex part of a tournament. Why you may ask? It is because that there are so many variables and factors to take into account that it's not always easy to figure...
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