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  • + Inside the Mind of a Pro | A Surprising Showdown
    By / 02 Jul 2019 /
    It is tempting to think we are omniscient about the meaning of our opponent's behaviour at the tables. To think that we can put players on very accurate ranges or even guess their hand is a deeply rooted instinct that comes from usually knowing exactly...
  • 4 Learn and Win with Sharad Rao and PokerStars School
    By / 27 Jun 2019 /
    They seem to be made for each other. PokerStars India and Sharad Rao have just established a partnership to bring this game we love to more and more audiences across India, and you, School member, will also benefit from this! How are you going to benefit?...
  • + Triple Barrel Bluffs and Tournament Life
    By / 26 Jun 2019 /
    Perhaps the most unique strategic nuance of a Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) is the constant threat to your tournament life. Busting from a tournament represents a very large drop in expectation as it results in an immediate loss of your buy-in, but more...
  • + Are You a 'Gritty' Poker Player?
    By / 20 Jun 2019 /
    Some of my students stick at poker and end up being successful while others drop out and give up the serious pursuit of poker glory. What separates these two groups of players? To a minimal extent there are factors such as natural logical problem-solving...
  • + 3 Poker Reasoning Traps You’ll Want to Avoid
    By / 19 Jun 2019 /
    Poker is a treacherous game, full of logical pitfalls. The following three logical traps are the most common ones I see in my students' games. Make sure you avoid them. Nothing Changed! This piece of faulty reasoning occurs when an innocuous card comes...
  • + 5 Reasons to Try Progressive KO Poker Tournaments
    By / 18 Jun 2019 /
    For tournament players, the grind can often feel like a volatile rollercoaster of long hours and little downtime. One type of tournament that will definitely spice up your poker calendar is the progressive knockout. In these events, players are rewarded...
  • + Progressive KO Tournament Strategy
    By / 18 Jun 2019 /
    A Progressive KO (Knockout) tournament is one in which half of your buy-in goes to the overall prize pool to be paid out like a normal tournament, while the other half constitutes your bounty. The progressive element comes in because when you eliminate...
  • + 3 Tips for Adapting to 2NL and 5NL Cash
    By / 18 Jun 2019 /
    A lot of the training material out there will teach you the foundations of conventionally solid play. You will learn about how to build bluffing ranges on the river; use blockers to choose a specific bet-size; and how to develop a solid 4-Bet range in...
  • + Inside the Mind of a Pro | Overbetting the River
    By / 12 Jun 2019 /
    Overbetting the river is one of the most extreme ways of applying pressure to an opponent. As always, we shall delve into a session I just played where two spots came up that showcased this line. One of these was for value and the other one a bluff. It's...
  • + Inside the Mind of a Pro | Making Tough Folds
    By / 10 Jun 2019 /
    One skill that will always grant you an edge over the general population is the ability to make tough folds when you know your opponent is likely to be bluffing a spot less than he should in theory. If your hand boils down to a bluff catcher, then you...
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