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  • + SB vs BU and 3-Bet Pots
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    In this instalment we shall outline a 3-bet or fold strategy from the SB in the early stages of a Spin & Go before looking at how to handle 3-bet pots where there is very little money remaining in the stacks compared to the size of the pot.
  • + Post-Flop BU vs BB
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    When our BU min-open gets flatted by the BB and we go heads-up to the flop, the pot is 90 with an effective stack of 460. This allows for bet-sizes that get the money in over three streets and makes slow-playing a riskier option as we cannot afford to...
  • + Bluffing the Turn
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    Spin & Gos are some of the softer games on PokerStars for obvious reasons. The lightning quick structure and chance of a huge score acts as a lure for recreational players who do not have the time to grind cash games or MTTs.
  • + Early Game Opening Ranges
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    The start of the tournament is often where your biggest edge will exist. This is due to the larger stack depth of 25 big blinds allowing for bigger in mistakes from weaker opposition. A solid pre-flop strategy will immediately stand us in good stead and...
  • + River Play
    By / 17 Dec 2018 /
    In this instalment, we shall examine two river decisions. The first is a synthetic example. The second is a hand I played this morning while getting myself into the Spin & Go zone in order to write this article.
  • 6 Three Mental Game Pitfalls in Big Poker Events
    By / 11 Dec 2018 /
    When you step up to playing a larger tournament with a bigger buy-in than your are accustomed to there is more pressure of course, and with it, more scope for mental game problems to arise in your game. Some players like to use the word 'tilt' to describe...
  • + Flush Draw Obsession
    By / 19 Nov 2018 /
    You put them on a flush draw, right? Did you know this could be one of your most common poker leaks? Pete explains all in this video.
  • + Auto Checking Scare Cards
    By / 18 Nov 2018 /
    This is a very common poker leak, where players instinctively check an unfriendly looking card without stopping to think if another course of action is better. Watch to find out more.
  • + Can Weak Players be Bluffed?
    By / 16 Nov 2018 /
    "Bad players can't be bluffed! They will call with anything!" – A Poker Player Bluffing defined is betting (or raising) in a situation where you think better hands will fold to your aggressive action. So this article is about bluffing the weak. Now, as...
  • + Overfolding the Big Blind
    By / 06 Nov 2018 /
    One of the most common mistakes that poker players make is folding in the Big Blind position too much. A lot of players fear calling when out of position and experienced players will exploit this. Watch as Pete explains how to look for spots that are...
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